Is healthcare travel replacing leisure travel?

Medical tourism consists of people who wish to go to different countries to receive their health care services. Those who choose medical tourism, seek a high quality of care for less cost. Some developing countries focus on healthcare travels and established government departments just for this field. The total cost of the trip and surgery often ends up being less than the cost of the hospital stay in the countries such as the United States.

Leisure travel is usually considered as a time of relaxation and doing things that you wouldn’t normally have time to do. This may be reading, riding bikes, hiking, etc. Most leisure travel doesn’t include appointments and schedules.

healthcare travel

Where to travel for healthcare?

Medical tourism marketing is doing its best to mix with leisure travel. Many countries are bringing in patients from the United States, Canada, Europe and even from the Middle Eastern counries due to less wait time and lower costs. Turkey is one of the higher ranking countries in this field. They have the education and health standards to provide the quality care expected of foreigners. Interestingly enough, most of the travel agencies now focus on healthcare travel from Arab countries, and they try to maintain an online presence with healthcare travel forums covering topics such as hair transplantation and cosmestic surgery. The Turkish government healthcare travel programs supports medical institutes and clinics by providing assistance for exhibitions and easing of getting visa to Turkey.

Depending on the type of surgery the patient and family may enjoy some leisurely activities while in their destination country. For many people, this is the perfect chance to visit somewhere new on a low budget trip. Medical tourism has become so popular that some insurance companies not only cover the medical costs, but they cover travel expenses as well. This frees up funds for fun or leisure activities before or even after the medical treatment. With this in mind, people may choose medical tourism over simply leisurely travel.

As of yet, most medical tourism users, which leave the United States and Canada, are those who have family ties in other countries. Medical tourism associations and groups are putting forth a grand effort to convince travelers that enjoying a surgery or medical treatment can be a possibility. Each country boasts of its culture, scenery, activities, sports and so on, even though most of the patients’ time will be spent with hospital staff.

Healthcare Travel Packages

Medical tourism packages may include assistance with insurance issues, social work, travel assistance, hotel, activities for the patient before surgery or after recovery, as well as activities for friends or family who may accompany the patient. Each Medical tourism group or association is seeking the key to success and the means to keep prices low in order to attract the most patients. These packages are created between hospitals, hotels, spas, and even the transportation industry. Medical tourism helps the community as a whole by bringing in clientele to various services. Although Medical tourism has not entirely taken over leisurely travel, it seems to be taking off quite rapidly. Considering the ever increasing prices and extended wait times in the United States and Canada, the increase in healthcare travel is estimated to continue.