Smart phones getting smarter analyzing your health status

smart-phone-doctor Your health in the palm of your hands

Smart phones are more of smart doctors as far as your health is concerned. It is a kind of device that does not harm you; in fact, it would lead you towards a world of health.

Following is the list of things that smart phones do for you.

First of all, the smart phones examine your ears as they have a cell scope. This means that there is a magnifying attachment with it that turns the camera of the smart phone into a mini microscope which lets users to capture images of middle and outer ears which can be than examined by the doctors easily.

Another advantage of smart phones is that it allows monitoring your blood pressure as a device is attached with it to display your data in the form of graphs which can be sent to the doctors for regular checkups. Also, electrocardiogram known as ECG can be checked via your smart phone. You just have to put your smart phone near to your chest which is a blessing for heart patients to have a regular check up. It also counts on your calories that you have gained or lost so that you can keep a check of your calories. In short, it counts on your skin temperature, heartbeat etc. Mobile application measuring blood pressure

Your smart phones also allow you to breathe through breathing exercises that the phone provides them. Smart phones also allow you to coach your life as it acts as a diary that keeps up all your records like behavior patterns and depressions etc, so that they can overcome their unwanted habits and come to life.

As far as your eyes are concerned, eyeNetra and eyeCatra are used by smart phones in order to determine your eyeglass prescription by drawing aligning patterns on the screen of your smart phone. EyeCatra on the other hand, spots cataracts.

Smart phone pregnancy testAnother great advantage of smart phones is that they let women know about their pregnancy as they have sensors that are to be worn under arm so as to identify periods and pregnancy accordingly. These also allow you to ultrasound your pregnancy period instead of rushing to the doctor every time. This is a very useful feature as pregnant women cannot rush to doctors every time easily as well as the doctors need to have a regular check up of them. Mothers find it convenient and a really helpful device that the doctors and patients both can have to make their lives easier.

So, smart phones are more of your health consultants instead of phones only as they are tracking health status when traveling with mobile devices and make the life easy and safe. It is more of a doctor than a phone because everything is included in it. No matter where you go, you can keep n touch with your doctor not through calls only but also through your each and every detail about your health.