Finding the perfect domain name for your website

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There are many reasons why people want to get their websites. Some just want to share their private life experience with the friends and relatives; other want to promote their business and get more customers from growing online consumer market or just to make money reselling well-named domains.

We’ll give you some tips and guidelines to help you to begin your journey in the internet world no matter what category of users you target. There are a few domain name search tools in the web that you can use to begin building your online presence.

What is a domain name?

First of all let’s clarify what domain name means. It’s a product, a word or a combination of words with different extensions such as COM, NET or ORG and so on. We’ll talk about extensions later, which identifies this or that website on internet and is provided by domain name registrars to their customers. The easiest example right now would be “” or “”.

If we lived in the perfect world, there would be a perfect domain name for everybody, but it’s not like that and Internet wasn’t born yesterday. You would say that all good domain names are already taken. We’ll try to prove you wrong and help you to find your perfect domain name.

You just have to follow common sense and give it a little bit of time and research before you rush to registrar and spend your money. It’s like a baby’s name, once you got it, you can’t change it.

If you are planning on running your homepage, just about you, your family and share it with the world, it should be easy enough for you to choose the right domain for your website. It can contain your family name or just your nickname you had when you were a kid or something else you can be associated. But if you are going to establish internet business, no matter that one, either transfer your offline business into an online world or start everything from scratch, you just got some serious thinking to do.

As we said earlier, you can buy your domain name from one of the ICANN Accredited Registrars. The competition among registrars nowadays is on a high level, so you will hardly find a new domain name more expensive than $10-$15 per year. And if you will, it’s always worth it to spend couple more dollars for reputation and excellent customer support. But don’t be mistaken, you never own a domain name, you just rent it. You can register it for one year up to ten years in advance, and then just renew it. That’s why it’s crucial for you to fill out all contact information correctly when registering domain name to receive a reminder from registrar about coming expiration of your domain name. Remember, there is always somebody who can take over your domain as soon as it’s expired and all those years and time and money you invested in developing your website can be wasted away.

The name for your domain should be short, catchy and easy to remember. It should contain keywords or a brand name of the business it can be associated. Also, there should not be hard spelling words. The domain name of your website should give an idea to customers what they will see when they visit your web page. Try to avoid using dashes, it’s much harder to pronounce and spread your site by word of mouth and, of course, you will just redirect a vast amount of your potential customers to your competitors. For example, online users will rather type in “” than “”.

If you see that your dream domain name is already taken, you can check the owner’s information using such services as and try to buy it out. But before that make sure that you check the domain name history for spam and that it was not banned by major search engines. It’s very hard and sometimes impossible to get it reinstated.

You can always use such trick as adding “My”, “The” or Plural forms to the domain name, for instance “” or “”. Just don’t forget to promote your site using the whole name.

Choosing a domain extension?

Now let’s talk about domain extensions. You are already familiar with the most common ones, such as .com, .net, .org, etc. Online users type .com extension by default most of the time, that’s why you should aim for that one first of all. If not, we can have the same problem as we have had with the dashes in you domain name. If you have a site “” and your competitor has “”, you’ll just loose part of your website visitors. But we will advise you to get the right domain name for any other extension if .com is taken. Also, if you are planning on running your online business just for the local community or a particular country, you can consider using country-specific top level domain extensions, such as .de, .au, .ca. You will benefit from that. Other than that your number one choice should always be a .com extension.

We hope we were helpful and answered all your questions you had so far about choosing the right domain name for your web page. All you have to do now is just to follow our tips and come up with your perfect domain name.